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Clare Matty
Share your stories with me.
Reasons to love yourself be fit & well.
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26 Mar 2019

Firstly, I would like to start by saying a massive HELLO! its been a long time, the reason I've not posted for so long is due to (honesty coming) my disease, of alcoholism of depression and of anxiety. Since October I've been in a massive hole of depression that has left me feeling as though things were spiralling out of control, this has been partly due to massive changes happening in my life (watch this space) but mainly because whether I like it not these are conditions I suffer from, not all the time by any means, but its just how my mind and body react to emotional pain and stress. I'm happy to say my mental and addiction recovery is back on track (this has not been easy) and to those of you out there who can relate to all this, please reach out either to me or someone you love and trust, it seems everyday the news is filled with more suicide and addiction stories..... lets recover out loud so people don't feel alone......anyway, this leads me on nicely to whats bee...

24 Oct 2018

What’s the first thing we all want to do when faced with negative emotions.... fix, fix, fix, but guess what? this is only putting that stuff on hold, it’s still there when the booze, drugs, shopping, eating, gambling, etc etc have worn off! Humans hate pain and will do anything to avoid it physical or emotional but no one can, it’s impossible. Over the last few weeks I’ve experienced a handful  of  things which combined together have knocked me off my feet and  have caused me massive emotional pain which has left life tough going..... and the worst thing about it, most of it is of my own making, somethings are out of our control and that sort of thing I can handle, its dealing with my own failings that I find so difficult to cope with. I've lost something close to me, I knew it was coming and knew I had no control over it but it doesn't stop the pain....but it has made me review my behaviour and how I can damage myself and others. During this time I have been scared to death of relaps...

12 Oct 2018

I’ve always been a sucker for a good song, I remember my first 'single' Part time Lover Stevie Wonder, first Tape, Like a Virgin, my Grandma bought me that bless her! my first serious boyfriend was a musician and he introduced me to all sorts of brilliant artists, we lived in Brighton, where he gigged in little bars, Jazz bars and I heard loads of great music. Before that, coming of age in the 90’s I was Brit pop obsessed, to say I listened to The Stone Roses self titled album a million times would not be an exaggeration!! The back drop to amazing summers listening to Pulp, Oasis etc.... then came the clubbing years, dance music turned to cool US Garage, long nights with boys (future husbands), friends (for life) and decks.

Music makes me feel good, if I feel stressed it relaxes me, if i'm going through stuff I find it hard to hear music that brings up feelings and memories, so I thought I’d list some songs for me, essential for lifting my mood, adding energy to the house, relaxi...

10 Oct 2018

Hey, I'm writing this blog today even though every part of me doesn't want to, I don't want to write it because I'm currently plagued with my anxiety...I know my whys or triggers...but it still makes it uncomfortable. But importantly for me I want this site to be authentic, and I started it to talk about my recovery and mental health so what better time to write then when I'm feeling like crap...for want of a better description! Its feels scary putting it out there even if nobody's reading, however if one person, just one , reads this and feels less alone, less isolated and less understood then it will be worth it.

Ok, so here's what I've learnt over the years  you cannot die from anxiety, sure you can feel physical effects, insomnia, lack of appetite, lack of emotional connections, lack of desire to achieve, but, and this is very important you cannot die, you can do things to help yourself and it will pass......phew!! and do you know what every time you come out the other side you are...

3 Sep 2018

I am not a nutritionist but over the years I’ve spent a lot of time looking into how good and drink can effect out overall health, particularly mental health. During my dancing years all I cared about was being thin, thin, thin! Whatever it took.... this lead to a diet of Diet Coke and fags! Ummm healthy, although looking back I didn’t feel bad whilst doing this, the power of youth eh? But I know in the long run it has a detrimental effect on my metabolism and mental health. What’s surprising is that even though I was a college for performing arts specialising in dance I don’t ever remember there being information given out about diet, the canteen sold normal baguettes and crisp style lunches, maybe the odd piece of fruit! Most of the older students ate badly and starved themselves and of course we wanted to be like them.... add to being weighed every Monday morning and it was a reciepe for disaster! 

3 Sep 2018

Mental illness, it’s a killer....I know I’m lucky I don’t suffer like so many others, but it can really be a pain in the ass, sometimes I go through weeks of anxiety and it can appear to have come from no where... of course over the years I’ve discovered triggers, stress being the main course 

Stress - related disorders have become increasingly common in Western Society, and the wear and tear caused by chronic stress can contribute to physical and mental breakdown. Some disorders such as hypertension, have reached almost epidemic proportions. Because of these increases, stress and ways of dealing with it, are a major target of medical and psychological ingestion of allergenic foods is highly stressful. Most people are considered intolerant to something, the detrimental effects of tea, coffee and alcohol. In addition to being nutritionally valueless, these beverages create a direct physical stress on the internal organs responsible for detoxifying them (mainly the liver) and further unba...

26 Aug 2018

Heard the saying 'Gut Feeling'? people have known for years that how we are overall is effecting by what we put inside our guts!

How many times do you start health regimes, things that make you feel good? Only to start reaping the benefits and go back to your old ways? It’s funny isn’t it? Unless we are very disciplined (and I’ve not met many) we can all have a bit of self sabotage in us!

Nutrition and exercise are intrinsically linked to our mental health, there is so much evidence available to us yet I’m as guilty as the next person of choosing to ignore it in favour of being lazy and reaching for easy options, I’ve just finished reading How not to Die by Michael Greger the information this guy provides on what we eat and how it impacts our health is mind blowing! And in today’s world of health and wellness info out there we have no excuse.

Here’s just a few supplements I take to help with energy levels and to help me maintain a level of sanity ;)

Magnesium - I have this in th...

8 Aug 2018

Surround yourself with people who inspire you! We have a saying in recovery, ‘stick with the winners’ it’s so important and so true. By winners I mean people with a positive outlook, people you know who encourage your dreams, support you and are good examples. Also people who are enjoying life. God life is hard enough at the best of times without hanging with the haters! ;)

So often we can be brought down by folk who are negative, and to be honest I have enough negative chat going on in my head without other people’s, don't get me wrong if a friend, family member, sponsee whatever needs a ear to whinge into I'm your gal, I'm a massive fan of tipping it all out, letting go of the negative. But no one needs to be surrounded by negativity, doubters. BY that I mean people who doubt YOU, and your dreams.

My favourite day? when you laugh, I mean really laugh like kids do and chat and you can be yourself, those are the friends you need...those are your winners....they will be different from som...

4 Aug 2018

Two things I've been thinking about and trying to work on recently and I guess kind of had a realisation on....You don’t have to be the best best........ 

fill in the blanks... and there is an abundance of everything to go round, this includes happiness, love, money, success, friendship, dreams, wellness, how often do we see others getting things we want and thinking 'why not me'? well guess what the world is limitless, possibilities are limitless, success is limitless as is happiness and the best way to get it is to be grateful and happy of and for others.

If you haven’t yet read this amazing bestseller by Rachel Hollis, why the hell not? I stumbled across it whilst looking for motivational stories but its since become a New York Times bestseller. I can’t tell you how good it is for us girls! If you haven't read it, buy it, download it, borrow it from a friend.... its everything I want this blog to be....she's 'literally' as my daughter would say my number 1 girl crush today! but s...

12 Jun 2018

So, I’ve not written for a long time, I’ve felt stuck, emotionally maybe, I don’t know but definitely the inspiration to write hasn’t been there... but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my ‘Why’ .... what is a ‘Why’you ask? Well I know you know what Why means, but what it means in the sense of this rambling of mine;

It’s a sense of purpose.
It’s a goal.
It’s a reason to keep pushing through the tough times.
It’s who you want to succeed for.
It’s being the person you want to be.
Being the best version of yourself.

In my recovery I was lucky enough to get the gift of desperation and luckily for me that drove me to the doors or AA.... but I need why’s now for other reasons, over the last year or so they have had to change in many ways, to stay sober and to reach some new goals that I probably never thought about. My life was taking a direction that I thought was set, my mindset was, career success is for others, passion for a job is for others, helping people is for others.... now I want a...

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March 26, 2019

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