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Clare Matty
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What is happiness and where can you get it? why can't we buy it like everything else in the western world! But I know over the years I've looked for it in so many places, most of them externally. 'When I get richer I'll be happy, when I get slimmer I'll be happy, when I get that new car I'll be happy, when I get that ............... fill in the blanks, you get the idea' I personally find happiness is tied up with my self fulfilment and have spent many years wandering around lost not knowing how to achieve that. Of course I have had times where I have been deliriously happy, falling in love, bonding with my babies, but other times have been empty and leave me feeling lesser than. Today as I

A is for Anxiety, Addiction & Acceptance

Anxiety, ruled my life, it started out as panic attacks in my twenties. Small spaces, planes, lifts, job interviews, situations caused them. "Chest tightening, heart racing, blurred vision, tingling in the feet and hands, can't breath..... can't breath! " This is how I would feel when an attack came on, of course the problem with panic attacks is that the fear of the attack becomes the problem. I made my life smaller to fit the fear. "Oh a drink takes it away...... I found a cure" I remember seeing a doctor, his advice, stay away from alcohol, caffeine, drugs, nicotine and other stimulants, I followed this advice for about.... 2 months! Until I realised, through my own clever thinking that a

This is Me

This is my first Blog...ever. For years I've planned getting round to this but to no avail. So, being a novice, I'm starting at the beginning with a subject close to my heart... Me :) I've been dealing with mild anxiety and depression since my early twenties (I'm 42 now) when I say mild, what I mean to say is that I've never been suicidal, hospitalised or sectioned! But it is a lifestyle limiting condition in that its had effects on my life choices and also led me to addictions. A lot of my anxieties, I believe are based on a fear which live inside of me, I was born with it. Over the last few years and with the help of a recovery programme, fitness regimes and the love of people around me I