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Clare Matty
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Surviving a festival... Sane, Dry & Sober!

Festivals...they're all the rage at the moment, what once was the playground for the young and hedonistic is now the 'must do' weekend of the summer calendar. I'm not new to parenting (a decade in) but this was my first festival with kids............and NO BOOZE! So how did I survive it? I am not a natural camper or an outdoorsy person and it RAINED more or less continuously the entire weekend, the tent leaked, my son insisted on wearing his orange crocs with no socks and the wallet is empty. However, I'm going to say it..................I really quite enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, with sunshine the weekend could quite easily go down as one of the best times ever, but the kids absolutely l

Parenting... Winging it!

I remember thinking my mum was born a mum! I never for one second thought my parents or others were real human beings :) My mum had it all together, never took a day off, never forgot stuff etc etc. So when I had kids I thought someone would give me the handbook on 'perfect parenting' but here's the horrifying truth.......... there is no handbook! Sure there are thousands of books written for new mothers, parents of girls, parents of boys, parents of toddlers, parents of teens and so the list goes on, but nothing prepares you for the day to day reality of real life, hardcore, day to day parenting. As soon as my daughter was born I fell head over heels in love, I mean we all know it, its like


There is still a stigma attached to addiction, alcoholism and drugs. Which in 2017 seems so wrong to me! After all we see so many celebrities admitting they are in recovery, Robbie Williams, Davina Macall, Patsy Palmer, Eric Clapton, Frank Skinner, the list goes on. So why then do people still struggle to be honest about being in recovery. I believe doing something about addictions through recovery shows massive amounts of courage and should always be applauded. Living in the solution not the problem I struggled for years with my drink problem, it was a constant battle, it caused me such shame and embarrassment and much of that was based on not being able to be honest with the people around

Emotional Pain... what to do with it?

All of us at some point inour lives suffer emotional pain, anxiety, depression, fear, rejection, heartache, loss, these can be caused by others or we can simply create this pain all by ourselves! Self sabotage...... Self destructive behaviour ....equals pain Living with pain is the hardest thing we have to do, especially whilst dealing with the stresses of everyday life, feeling like we 'want to get off the rollercoaster' and just stop. For most this is simply not an option. How then do we cope with it, and carry on? I have been very blessed in my life (touch wood!), I've yet to suffer any real loss, I have spoken with people who have had terrible, painful, tragedies and am in awe of people