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Clare Matty
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The New Hobby.....SUP'ing

After a particularly rough few months I've decided a new hobby/challenge was needed. Normally I bake..... but this clashes with my new 'no junk once school starts' theory, which might last a week ;) Last year I tried some Standing up paddle boarding. Now don't get me wrong although I enjoyed it I wasn't that good (do not believe all you need is core strength!) so, me being me, I stopped going to the group.... if I can't do it right I'm not doing it at all! Quit, quit, quit..... well no more! This weekend after feeling down in the dumps after returning from a week in the sunshine and facing the realities of home life once again, I headed to the beautiful beach nearby. I know I'm lucky living

Saying sorry... do I do it too much?

I used to be so bad at admitting where I'd been wrong. Especially in my drinking days I thought everything was everybody else's fault! If people hurt me I could never see that I may have a part in it?! What me? Never..... this of course is a load of rubbish unless someone is pure evil (I'm yet to meet anyone who is!) the chances are we all play a role in how relationships, friendships and work relations fail or succeed. Of course being hurt is a painful thing, or being mistreated by a friend or feeling unfairly treated at work but today I can see my part in all of it! Thank god. Since I've had my kids and been in recovery I've learnt to only concentrate on what I've done wrong and not what

Sometimes it's just tough!

Sometimes life is just tough, for so many reasons, some really bad, some not so bad but whatever it is..... it's a pain in the ass! For years I couldn't sit with painful stuff, I would panic, then drink to numb it all out, it's good not to do that today. To be clear and face stuff as it comes at me. This all comes down to acceptance, acceptance, acceptance, god how hard it can be at times, but trust me it's the only answer. I have to belive I'm right where I'm supposed to be at any given time..... even if it's not right where I'd like to be ;) (infinity pool in Barbados anyone?). I am however not adverse to distraction techniques for these times, here are a few I highly recommend..... of cou

Feeling Lesser than...

I don't know why some people are brimming with confidence and some aren't, I think if you were to ask my friends they would say I was a confident person...however, this is not the truth. My job involves confidence and I am super happy to chat away all day long to folk, but inside I'm pretty rubbish at feeling my best. This has nothing to do with nurture as I had a beautiful childhood, so, today I know this is just a part of my character. Particulary in this age of social media we are bombarded with images and ideas of how our lives should look, how we should look, how our houses should look, where our careers should be, how our kids should be behaving, even what we should be eating (mainly a

Meditation, trying to crack it!

I want to be a spiritual gangster! Ha! This will never happen, but as well as looking 25, eating a completely clean, green diet, having no bad habits and having a perfect recovery I would also like to add this to the list ;) Everybody is singing the praises of meditation these days, from celebrities to real bona fide medical folk......I have been trying for years to get to grips with it, its hard, the irony being that I am/we are all so stressed we need to meditate but finding time to fit it in is stressing me/us out.....! The shops are full of books to help, (I've read them all) I've tried all the apps (some good, some not so), magazines and newspapers are full of articles outlining the be