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Clare Matty
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Social media.... let's discuss?

Now, I realise discussing this while using the medium of social media makes me a slight hypocrite.... however there is so much about it that makes me mad..... instagram and Facebook particularly! Why do people feel the need to express every emotion they experience on these sites?! I'm the first to admit I love nosing at pics of folks holidays, cute kids, family members I never see, outfits, health tips, yummy food and hearing good news...... but it's the emotional outbursts (put Facebook down before you open the bottle) and the photos that make out you have the best life. Come on Brits we have always been know for having a dry sense of irony. Why then has social media made us go all Americ

School starts next week..... let's be honest what a relief

School holidays..... wow challenging or what? I wish I could be one of the parents who bemoans the end of the holidays on social media as a sad time! Don't get me wrong I love my children...... I'll even admit there are times I actually enjoy their company, however I am a creature of habit and kids and routines are not a great mix. I'm so lucky to have a massive network in my hometown which also includes my super helpful folks (big shout out to Rod & Shirl) but juggling kids needs, work and the house ain't easy for any of us! We have been lucky and managed to do some lovely things, things I guess I would never do without small people in my life, mainly because my preferred break would be a t