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Clare Matty
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Feeling Frazzled?.....What to put first?

Why do so many of us feel frazzled these days? we all seem to want to cram so much in, the irony is technology has freed up so much time for us, we now search around filling our time with things so we can feel meaningful and productive!! My children's Great Grandmother (who is 100), lived her life as a housewife, she has had a great life and has only just had to succumb (much to her chagrin) to having carer's in to help her out. The things she misses are simple for herself, cleaning her own house, going to church and gardening....these were the activities that her generation took pride in. Now as a women I feel like a failure if I'm not a perfect wife, housewife, domestic

Tee Total Nights Out & In

People are quitting the booze for so many reasons these days. I cannot drink, it's not an option for me and obviously that comes with all its other issues, but I know people are kicking the habit for lots of other reasons. Health, weight, clearer heads, wanting to feel in control on evenings out ..... the list goes on! We are currently in October and lots of people are doing 'sober October' raise some money and give your liver a rest! Win win! January.... that's the usual month, when I was drinking I would always have a crack at a dry January..... I never got past about 4 days as January depressed me haha! (Depression....that's another blog) but January is a great month to give yourself a re

Shoes and sobriety!

Bare with me on this... it may not seem relevant, but I assure you it is! Lately white pumps and flat shoes are all the rage and I for one cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Me out pissed..... look in the mirror, pile the make up on, slip the heels on, worry about what I look like..... drink 3 large glasses of vino.... go to the bathroom.... look in the mirror.... what do I look like? Couldn't give a shit hahaha Me out sober.....look in the mirror, pile the make up on, wear something comfortable and know this is it for the night! There will be no softening of booze to ease me through ;) My point being that I have always loved clothes and shoes but now I love to look stylish and comfor