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Clare Matty
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Surviving the festive period....sober

It’s here...... I know, it seems to come round so quickly every bloody year, a time to be merry i.e get rat arsed at any given opportunity and trust me in years gone by I used this time of year as an excuse to drink and party. Everyone drinks 2 bottles every night don’t they? Everyone drinks in the morning at xmas don’t they? Everyone looses a shoe at the office party don’t they? Everyone humiliates themselves at the office party don’t they? Everyone drinks while wrapping pressie don’t they? And so on and so forth...... Sometimes by the time the day came itself I couldnt even enjoy it as I would be suffering from a month long hangover!! In fact during my recovery I’ve had 2 rock bottoms and

Folk come in & out of your life....

And that's ok. I've found throughout my life people have been there in different stages for different reasons. The saying goes...'people come into our lives for a reason' (or something like that!) and this, for me, looking back is true. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, partly because my daughter just turned eleven and she is all about her friends! the usual girl stuff, love hate relationships. But most of them are a lovely devoted bunch of girls. I took them shopping for her birthday and it was lovely watching them all helping each other and telling each other how lovely they looked, although girls/women can be sometimes cruel, mostly these friendships are supportive and loving. A

In the thick of it!

As my site is on the topic of anxiety, depression and recovery. I think it's a good time for this blog. I'm going through a period of anxiety which is debilitating and I'm surviving it. Whilst feeling like this, the last thing I want to do is write a blog..... or do anything. But as as we know life goes on, home to run, work to do, kids to take care of, social life, friends to support as well as taking care of my recovery! But depression and anxiety is like any pain, when it passes (as it always does) I forget just how uncomfortable it can be. I say uncomfortable because it is manageable and this is the truth...... today. So here's some of my symptoms; Insomnia or waking early Waking up full