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Clare Matty
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Taking opportunities

If only we all took opportunities whenever they were presented to us? Imagine how brave and successful we would all be.... but human nature kicks in and we like to protect ourselves against risk, loosing people, material things, feeling pain or just because of our pride. So, this gets me to thinking about how I can grab the bull by the horns! Take steps in positive directions to change my life for the better....maybe sometimes we just have to make the change and if it doesn’t work out at least we’ll have no regrets. But keep looking forward in a positive way.... we only have today after all, yesterday is a cancelled cheque (love that little saying). Getting sober was an easy challenge to tak

A few of my favourite things...

So, although this is a recovery blog, I’ve realised recently a lot of my musings have been about emotions, recovery and mental health. I thought maybe we could talk about our fave items! Make up, shoes, clothes, beauty products etc.... these things can make us happy in small ways, so in theory help me to stay sober! First things first my job! love of exercise and music all combined into this fab class, it ticks all the boxes, gives me job satisfaction, keeps me fit, makes me feel confident, releases endorphins which help euphoria and allow me to cope with the stresses of not only recovery but life on life's terms...Tick Coats! I hate cold weather so the only thing that keeps me looking on th

Am I Enough?

I Don’t know about you? but I never feel like I’m enough, I don’t mean that I suffer from low self esteem, I had a great childhood with parents who instilled positivity in me, but yet I still have feeling of inadequacies. I always feel like I could have had a better career, be a better friend, be smarter, be a better parent and so the list goes on..... to combat this I keep a positive journal, in this I list things I’ve achieved on a daily basis you’ll be surprised how all the little things can add up. This can vary drastically throughout the year. If I am suffering from anxiety and depression a list may look simply look like this; Got the kids to school cleaned one room in the house reached

The sober movement...

We are currently living in a time where being sober and clean is becoming more atttractive and appealing. This is an amazing thing, I became an adult in the nineties when the ladette genre was all the rage. Girls finally wanted to keep up with the boys..... getting just as drunk and taking drugs. All socialising was done in pubs, wine bars, clubs and house parties.... well mine was! I love Instagram and follow some real beauties who are showing a new way to live, healthy and more importantly sober. Look online and you will find an abundance of amazing strong inspiring women who are charging the way to sobriety. Here’s a few I love; @soberrevolution @unexpectedjoyofrecovery @thesoberglow @mo