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Clare Matty
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Handing it over & letting go.

In Recovery we talk about Letting go & Letting god’ whether you believe in God or not, a higher power or a spiritual force this is basically saying.... do the next right thing, pray for guidance and you will feel what the right answer is.... sounds simple... it’s not! We don’t want to know the right answers we don’t want to be told things we don’t want to hear. If we are in a painful situation we have to live in it until it becomes unbareable until we really surrender and hand it over.... this is my experience. Everyday we face decisions, hundreds of little ones and we make them without even thinking, then we face the biggies..... family, relationships, careers, money, moving, things that re

A bit about Arbonne....

For a long time I’ve been using Arbonne particularly the Nutrition products, I have a friend who for many years has been an independent consultant and she introduced me to the company. It’s a Californian based social marketing company.... social marketing you say!! I know, I know I said NO WAY to becoming a consultant myself for 4 years because I am no good at sales! And I hate being a pain in the ass.... but I believed in the products so I jumped in. With my background in dance and fitness, the nutrition side of Arbonne is so appealing, all their products are plant based, their protein powders comes from natural sources, plus they taste great.... which for me is fantastic because all my wo