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Reasons to love yourself be fit & well.
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Clare Matty
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Be you....

For so many years I couldn’t be me, I wore a mask for every occasion... Mum mask, wife mas, different masks for different friends always trying to fit in I guess, I always admired people who had a take me as you find me attitude but it wasn’t me! I always felt I had to as good as you.... my general feelings towards myself were ones of disappointment, I also wanted all the good things in life but thought it was someone else’s job to provide them. Will Smith has posted a beautiful message this week about being happy as yourself, not relying on others to make you happy (have a look on YouTube it’s fab) and this is so true, I think we all look to people, places and things to fix us, fill the hol

People Pleasing, why do we do it?

I’ve been reading this great little book and this along with some other things that have happened, it’s really got me thinking about how much we, well i people please. As well as wanting to make everyone happy, people pleasing can have a negative effect on us, well me, most of my life I’ve been worried how people are affected by me, whilst sometimes not even noticing how I’m affecting others... complicated eh? I can get so wrapped up in myself in a negative way that I’m of no use to those around... living in self! I’m trying to teach myself to become less worried about what others think, I have this overriding feeling all the time that I’m affecting others, when mostly they couldn’t give a s