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Clare Matty
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Why Summer Rocks!

So, as I sit and write this we have just had the hottest May Bank Holiday Weekend in 40 years (weather folk say, must be true), I was thinking about the 10 best things about summer. Of course its due to rain later today but that's ok because us Brits can now feel we've been treated to a bit of no one can sit in it today as we all went mad and got burnt over the weekend! Add to that the fact that most of us will have overindulged and be sat in an office right now feeling like crap! So three days in plenty :) Here's my top ten reasons for loving summertime! The sunshine makes (in my humble opinion) people happier, out for a bike ride on Saturday people were smiling and saying h

We are not always responsible...

We are not always responsible for other peoples reactions, of course if we step on others toes we can expect them to be upset, but if we make a well thought out decision that we feel in the long run is a good move for us then we have to go with it and accept that others may feel upset with you. I've learnt that we can't control how others react or treat us however we can control how we react to them, Sometimes we have to do the right thing for ourselves and then let it go..... as long as we know we have done all we can to act respectfully and the decision is made from the heart with no ill feeling. I find it hard not to take on other peoples feelings and reactions, I'm a terrible people plea