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Clare Matty
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Healthy Gut, Healthy Overall.....

Heard the saying 'Gut Feeling'? people have known for years that how we are overall is effecting by what we put inside our guts! How many times do you start health regimes, things that make you feel good? Only to start reaping the benefits and go back to your old ways? It’s funny isn’t it? Unless we are very disciplined (and I’ve not met many) we can all have a bit of self sabotage in us! Nutrition and exercise are intrinsically linked to our mental health, there is so much evidence available to us yet I’m as guilty as the next person of choosing to ignore it in favour of being lazy and reaching for easy options, I’ve just finished reading How not to Die by Michael Greger the information t

Stick with the winners....

Surround yourself with people who inspire you! We have a saying in recovery, ‘stick with the winners’ it’s so important and so true. By winners I mean people with a positive outlook, people you know who encourage your dreams, support you and are good examples. Also people who are enjoying life. God life is hard enough at the best of times without hanging with the haters! ;) So often we can be brought down by folk who are negative, and to be honest I have enough negative chat going on in my head without other people’s, don't get me wrong if a friend, family member, sponsee whatever needs a ear to whinge into I'm your gal, I'm a massive fan of tipping it all out, letting go of the negative. Bu

There's enough for us all.....

Two things I've been thinking about and trying to work on recently and I guess kind of had a realisation on....You don’t have to be the best best........ fill in the blanks... and there is an abundance of everything to go round, this includes happiness, love, money, success, friendship, dreams, wellness, how often do we see others getting things we want and thinking 'why not me'? well guess what the world is limitless, possibilities are limitless, success is limitless as is happiness and the best way to get it is to be grateful and happy of and for others. If you haven’t yet read this amazing bestseller by Rachel Hollis, why the hell not? I stumbled across it whilst looking for motivational