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Clare Matty
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Nutrition & it’s Mental Health Benefits .....

I am not a nutritionist but over the years I’ve spent a lot of time looking into how good and drink can effect out overall health, particularly mental health. During my dancing years all I cared about was being thin, thin, thin! Whatever it took.... this lead to a diet of Diet Coke and fags! Ummm healthy, although looking back I didn’t feel bad whilst doing this, the power of youth eh? But I know in the long run it has a detrimental effect on my metabolism and mental health. What’s surprising is that even though I was a college for performing arts specialising in dance I don’t ever remember there being information given out about diet, the canteen sold normal baguettes and crisp style lunche

Everything will be ok...

Mental illness, it’s a killer....I know I’m lucky I don’t suffer like so many others, but it can really be a pain in the ass, sometimes I go through weeks of anxiety and it can appear to have come from no where... of course over the years I’ve discovered triggers, stress being the main course Stress - related disorders have become increasingly common in Western Society, and the wear and tear caused by chronic stress can contribute to physical and mental breakdown. Some disorders such as hypertension, have reached almost epidemic proportions. Because of these increases, stress and ways of dealing with it, are a major target of medical and psychological ingestion of allergenic foods is highly