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Clare Matty
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Staying sober through pain

What’s the first thing we all want to do when faced with negative emotions.... fix, fix, fix, but guess what? this is only putting that stuff on hold, it’s still there when the booze, drugs, shopping, eating, gambling, etc etc have worn off! Humans hate pain and will do anything to avoid it physical or emotional but no one can, it’s impossible. Over the last few weeks I’ve experienced a handful of things which combined together have knocked me off my feet and have caused me massive emotional pain which has left life tough going..... and the worst thing about it, most of it is of my own making, somethings are out of our control and that sort of thing I can handle, its dealing with my own f

Music for the soul

I’ve always been a sucker for a good song, I remember my first 'single' Part time Lover Stevie Wonder, first Tape, Like a Virgin, my Grandma bought me that bless her! my first serious boyfriend was a musician and he introduced me to all sorts of brilliant artists, we lived in Brighton, where he gigged in little bars, Jazz bars and I heard loads of great music. Before that, coming of age in the 90’s I was Brit pop obsessed, to say I listened to The Stone Roses self titled album a million times would not be an exaggeration!! The back drop to amazing summers listening to Pulp, Oasis etc.... then came the clubbing years, dance music turned to cool US Garage, long nights with boys (future husband

You are not alone

Hey, I'm writing this blog today even though every part of me doesn't want to, I don't want to write it because I'm currently plagued with my anxiety...I know my whys or triggers...but it still makes it uncomfortable. But importantly for me I want this site to be authentic, and I started it to talk about my recovery and mental health so what better time to write then when I'm feeling like crap...for want of a better description! Its feels scary putting it out there even if nobody's reading, however if one person, just one , reads this and feels less alone, less isolated and less understood then it will be worth it. Ok, so here's what I've learnt over the years you cannot die from anxiety, s