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This is Me

This is my first Blog...ever. For years I've planned getting round to this but to no avail. So, being a novice, I'm starting at the beginning with a subject close to my heart... Me :)

I've been dealing with mild anxiety and depression since my early twenties (I'm 42 now) when I say mild, what I mean to say is that I've never been suicidal, hospitalised or sectioned! But it is a lifestyle limiting condition in that its had effects on my life choices and also led me to addictions.

A lot of my anxieties, I believe are based on a fear which live inside of me, I was born with it. Over the last few years and with the help of a recovery programme, fitness regimes and the love of people around me I have learnt better skills to cope with these.

I searched around for a site which I felt was aimed at women my age, mothers, wives, daughters who had these issues, maybe in recovery, maybe not. And although I found many amazing books and people on social media (Addictive Daughter, The InnerFix is amazing) they tend to be gloomy or aimed at younger women.

I'm hoping this site will be engaging to all sorts of girls, all ages, where we can share ideas. God, there is so much pressure to be perfect in our lives right now, perfect wives, in control, confident, amazing careers, beautiful homes, healthy relationships, but where do we find the hours in the day to achieve all this.... oh and lets not forget looks! good figures, coiffured hair, beauty salon ready nails ad infinitum!

I've found things that make me happy, I've learnt that I need to take care of myself if I want to feel good...lets find what feels good together.

Share your stories with me.
Reasons to love yourself be fit & well.
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Clare Matty
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