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There is still a stigma attached to addiction, alcoholism and drugs. Which in 2017 seems so wrong to me! After all we see so many celebrities admitting they are in recovery, Robbie Williams, Davina Macall, Patsy Palmer, Eric Clapton, Frank Skinner, the list goes on. So why then do people still struggle to be honest about being in recovery. I believe doing something about addictions through recovery shows massive amounts of courage and should always be applauded.

Living in the solution not the problem

I struggled for years with my drink problem, it was a constant battle, it caused me such shame and embarrassment and much of that was based on not being able to be honest with the people around me, even close friends. This can lead to loneliness and feelings of isolation even whilst being surrounded by lots of people. I've found since going into recovery and being honest my friends have been 100% supportive and to them I shall be forever grateful.

We all need our close friends, especially our girls and I'm so lucky to be surrounded by them inside and outside of my recovery. My girlfriends keep me sane, fellow mums to chat, giggle, moan, cry and just hang with are absolutely priceless.

Being honest is hard, but the rewards are amazing

I believe the more people are honest about all life's struggles the more conversations can open up, creating a safer environment for our children to grow up in. I want my kids to feel free to discuss anything with me, we have an open policy in the household regarding drink, drugs, sex etc etc. My kids know I don't drink because it has a bad effect on me and stops me from being the best person I can be, but they also know through their dad and family and friends that drinking can be fun in moderation. But, in the future I will be here for them if they face any of my challenges. Anxiety, depression, addictions.

Keep the conversations open

So let's smash the taboo, maybe you have problem and need to reach out..... do it... today or if you're struggling with anything in your life choose a close friend you trust and open up, get the conversation started.

Much love

Clare đź’•

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