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Exercise... addicted to the good stuff!

I'm addicted to exercise, I don't mind saying it because it is a great thing to be hooked on. It ticks all my boxes...Vanity, yep keeps me looking good, greed, yep means I can enjoy my food (#eatlikeapig!) releases endorphins, yep this helps keep my anxiety and depression at bay. It also keeps me in a job so yay for the pennies.

Now, I am in no way a fitness guru, in fact my nature does err on the side of pure laziness! But over the years the good stuff I've gained from exercise far outweighs the bad.... I mean who ever walks away from an exercise session thinking they wish they hadn't done that! it might be bloody hell on earth during, but the high you feel after whilst enjoying that cake, takeaway, vino etc etc, is second to none!

When I was a kid I did lots of dancing, I guess this set me up for a lifetime of bodily awareness, it certainly gave me good posture and core strength, however in my twenties partying became far more important, I stayed slim on the wine, fags and starvation diet.................or I was fat :) Its only since having the kids that I've got back into it, for mums its a great way to get out of the house, I mean who can begrudge you exercise time :)

First things first, choose what feels good for you

Really, there are no excuses, there is so much to choose from there HAS to be something everyone likes. I'm not sporty, never was, in fact I was so bad at sport at school that even my friends didn't pick me to be in their netball/hockey teams. I am also an 'indoor' kinda gal, therefore I go for dance based classes such as Zumba, aerobics, street dance, salsa the list goes on, look online you will find loads in your area, if you are lucky enough to live in a city you can't swing a stick without hitting the new 'in' phase. On the other hand if the thought of dancing around like a loon brings you out in a cold sweat, run? running is free, you can go whenever and wherever you like. I'm not a great runner but when I was getting back into exercise it was the best starting point. I could fit it in around the kids, you can listen to all your fave tunes and there are some great apps to download.

Here are some to look out for;

Bupa Smart Runner (Free)

Strava Run (Free)

Tempo Run (I love this one as it uses your music to keep tempo)

Couch to 5k (Great for beginners)

Zombies, Run! 5k Training

Take a friend, maybe a group of friends this keeps you all motivated, but, and its a big one do not drop your run just because your mates bailed! remember this is for you. Maybe sign up for a 5k, 10k, half marathon! set a goal and work towards it.

Join a gym.....but you don't have to!

So many people say to me they feel intimated in the gym, I have the upmost respect for anyone in any class or gym, as long as you are in the room and trying your best you are in the game! And I have yet to meet a fitness instructor who doesn't feel the same. The upside of belonging to a gym or health club is that they offer tons of classes, you can also have personal training sessions with people who will give you one to one advice and workout plans. And come on girls, its a bloody good excuse to buy a new outfit, have you seen all the gorgeous workout gear around these days?! However if the thought of exercising in front of other people, especially at the beginning of your journey makes you break out in a sweat, don't panic again, the world wide web is on hand to help ;) When my babies were little I spent all my time jumping around to dodgy workout dvds (no offence to all the celebs who made these), but I'm very please to say there is now a massive amount of cracking stuff online, these can all be done at home, behind closed curtains if you so wish. Here's my faves, I've also got a link to on the homepage which is amazing, literally hundreds of short workouts targeting cardio health and all muscle groups, you will never get bored, maybe knackered, but never bored ;)

The Body Coach - Joe Wicks


Tracey Anderson

Jillian Michaels

Life Hack 7 Minute Workout

All of these are free on YouTube, you do not need to spend a excuses, infact I don't think you should be paying for fad diets or workouts, moving more and eating less, I know, I know its dull...........this is the only way! As well as YouTube videos, other sites offer live classes the best one I have found is Gymcube, there are some great instructors on this site who've I've worked with and it covers all styles, HIIT, dance, stretch, strength work the list goes on... see for yourself.

You will also find some great apps in the app store, Davina McCall's are amazing and full of really short kick ass HIIT (high, intensity, interval, training) workouts which really hit the spot. Hopefully when you've built some fitness levels up and feel more confident, then you can go to the local gym and workout with like minded folk :)

If you are sporty then you are the super lucky ones, being part of a sports team is a great way to enjoy sport and meet people. Basically, exercise is just about finding motivation through a passion, if you don't have a passion then cultivate one, they say it takes 28 days to learn new routines..... don't give up at the first hurdle, don't expect immediate results, Rome wasn't built in a day! But it was built :)

On a final note, If I can do it, anyone can, I would much rather sit in front of Netflix with a pot of Ben & Jerrys, but I know how the benefits of exercise have enhanced my life. So buy some amazing trainers (who doesn't love new shoes?) and get out there and smash it.

sending loads of motivation and hugs

Clare x

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