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The New Hobby.....SUP'ing

After a particularly rough few months I've decided a new hobby/challenge was needed. Normally I bake..... but this clashes with my new 'no junk once school starts' theory, which might last a week ;) Last year I tried some Standing up paddle boarding. Now don't get me wrong although I enjoyed it I wasn't that good (do not believe all you need is core strength!) so, me being me, I stopped going to the group.... if I can't do it right I'm not doing it at all! Quit, quit, quit..... well no more! This weekend after feeling down in the dumps after returning from a week in the sunshine and facing the realities of home life once again, I headed to the beautiful beach nearby.

I know I'm lucky living by the sea, I moved here 11 years ago from greater London and as it's been a few days now I am guilty of not utilising the natural beauty and therapeutic properties of being by the sea ;)

So back to the hobby, I spent three hours in the sea (freezing bloody cold, even on a hot day!) mastering this bloody board! I did not let it beat me and keep me on my knees haha! So to speak ;) after a while and some much needed tips by friendly fellow paddlers? Boarders? Not sure what you call them..... I was standing up! Going the wrong way but standing up all the same! It was so amazing being in the water, just what I needed that I didn't even mind the cold! (Much)

So my theory on this is that I'm ticking all the boxes that make for a good recovery and a good workout! What else could I ask for? Peaceful, meditative, confidence building and a brilliant all over body workout.

I am now the proud owner of my very own Inflatable Paddle Board ( I even remembered to order the oar and pump 😉) and I'm going to kick ass at this before I know it!

Watch this space I shall soon be posting pictures like this

Well, maybe not but remember you can achieve anything you want if you get of your ass and apply yourself, especially when you feel you can't. The only way out of a low time is to climb out with both hands.

Sending love

Clare ❤️

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