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School starts next week..... let's be honest what a relief

School holidays..... wow challenging or what? I wish I could be one of the parents who bemoans the end of the holidays on social media as a sad time! Don't get me wrong I love my children...... I'll even admit there are times I actually enjoy their company, however I am a creature of habit and kids and routines are not a great mix. I'm so lucky to have a massive network in my hometown which also includes my super helpful folks (big shout out to Rod & Shirl) but juggling kids needs, work and the house ain't easy for any of us!

We have been lucky and managed to do some lovely things, things I guess I would never do without small people in my life, mainly because my preferred break would be a two week holiday spent horizontal on a sunlounger in 30 degree heat! Reading a book and snoozing. So having kids really gets you out there trying new things.... its not the being away that's the pain its the being trapped in the house, in August (where rain is inevitable)

If I hear the following words ever again (which I will) I will scream haha, these include;

  • 'Mum, Mum, Mum' repeated continuously!

  • 'Mum I'm hungry' but nothing in the cupboard will do!

  • 'Mum I'm bored' this I could understand as a child of the 80s, but NOW?!! In this house we have 3 iPads, 1 iPad touch, 1 Huddle, a PC, an Xbox (with every bloody game imaginable, suitable or not) and 2 televisions loaded with all that Sky and Netflix have to offer, as well as toys I can't move around, and other crap everywhere!! I'm at a loss.......

  • 'Mum' what time will we be there? are we going?

  • 'Mum' where are you (please just look for me, we don't live in a house with a west wing!)

  • 'Mum' what are we doing today/tomorrow/next week you get the picture!

Another thing about holidays is I get bored of the sound of my own voice, am I the only one who speaks on a loop? I've often thought of making a recording and playing it every morning and bedtime! It could take off?! Like Siri for kids! I'm sure they would take more notice of her! I of course know that all this behaviour is penance for all the times I put my mother through exactly the same stuff!

As a mother and fellow girl I really don't like to moan about others but I don't half feel inadequate when I hear other mums saying they enjoy the holidays and its there favourite times, these are what I like to call smug mums (this stems from pure jealousy and says a lot more about me than them) fortunately for me I surround myself with a similar thinking tribe (these are the mums skipping out of school on the first day of term :). One thing I've learned in parenting is that we are good at some stuff and not so good at others...... my weak spots are;

  • Playing..... particularly role play..... It bores me senseless.

  • Sports...... I am no good, although am happy to partake in gymnastics and cycling.

  • Video Games.......I never have, nor shall I ever be any good at these, which just frustrates my kids no end!

  • Standing in parks....... decade in and I'm done with this!

However things I'm good at are;

  • Playing at the beach or by the permitting.

  • Long walks in the forest

  • Cinema trips .....especially now we have comfy seats... who doesn't love a good nap :)

  • Reading and looking at books with them...they of course think this is boring.

  • Board Games...... I even let them win, this makes the game quicker!

  • Nagging ....... essential mothering :) which they will thank me for when they are about 30 odd!

Now after all that moaning, lets not forget all the good things about the school holidays;

  • Stay in bed. What’s the rush? There is no school, you do not need to force yourself, or any small people to wash, dress, eat and then dash across town in all weather. No, go to bed with a fully charged Ipad on your dressing table to lob at them as they start demanding, and enjoy a well earned rest.

  • Eat cake...baking is deemed a worthy activity with children, you can also eat it and lick the bowl! this also includes eating all junk food........ healthy eating starts in September right?

  • Don’t tidy. What is the point? As soon as you've done it its messed up again. Let them run riot with their toys. Most of your friends have gone away, no one will see it anyway!

  • Use every opportunity to top up your tan, in the park, beach, garden, playdates, walks etc etc......

  • And remember its not forever!!

So I am going to admit that I have enjoyed parts of the school holidays and gritted my teeth through others, this doesn't mean we don't love our kids, it just means we love peace and quiet.

So now I can sit in my tidy house, with no Disney channel on in the background, without being permanently bombarded with requests............until at least 3.15pm ;)

Enjoy the peace guys


Clare x

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