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Shoes and sobriety!

Bare with me on this... it may not seem relevant, but I assure you it is! Lately white pumps and flat shoes are all the rage and I for one cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Me out pissed..... look in the mirror, pile the make up on, slip the heels on, worry about what I look like..... drink 3 large glasses of vino.... go to the bathroom.... look in the mirror.... what do I look like? Couldn't give a shit hahaha

Me out sober.....look in the mirror, pile the make up on, wear something comfortable and know this is it for the night! There will be no softening of booze to ease me through ;)

My point being that I have always loved clothes and shoes but now I love to look stylish and comfortable as I know I can't run around shoeless half the evening with make up running down my face looking like a lunatic!

These heels! I like to call them taxi to table shoes, I mean who the hell can enjoy themselves out in these?! I used to wear these (mainly returning home with one missing) I know there is a particularly lovely green pair of mine in the Thames.

I love a good pair of heels, they look sexy and make everyone's legs look long and luscious (especially if they are short like mine!) but unless you are a model or a popstar they are more or less impossible to walk in.

Unlike these beauties, which can be worn with jeans, trousers, suits, dresses and skirts! How did this happen..... I don't know but long may it last! Last weekend the girls and I went up to Soho for a smart Sunday lunch. I wore my white Addidas with a pair of heels in my bag. However, on my arrival (and being somewhat out of the loop) I saw all the young trendy things had their white pumps on..... too cut a long story short, heels stayed in bag, I was comfy and could walk to the bathroom with out wobbling! (thanks to non alcoholic beverages and flat shoes!)

Of course this trend doesn't just affect me because I'm trying to stay sober its an age thing.......... I love comfort, but trust me in the early naughties you could not go for lunch in town with trainers on.... this would then result in me wandering around London, sloshed (good word, not used it for a while!) on vino, with my shoes in my hand and a fag in the other at about 5pm! Not a good look on anyone, never mind a 42 year old mother of two!

So there you have it, short but sweet today, but trust me girls, get yourself some smart trousers (think All Saints the band) team them with a smart white top, leather jacket and some statement earrings and then any white pumps/trainers will do!

If you don't believe me get yourselves on Pinterest ;)

Sending love and hugs.....keep going a day at a time.

Clare xxxxx

#confidence #bekindtoyourself #sober #fashion #shoes

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