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To Christmas's gone by....

I just wanted to write a short blog especially for my followers in recovery, this time of year can be hard, I don't know why we think so, I don't know about you but I drank all through the year, bad days, good days, happy days, sad days, weekends, holidays, birthdays.... etc... But the focus on alcohol as a way to show festive spirit is particularly hard I guess. So my word and work for the week is gratitude ....

Remember all the good things you have, its also the season to be with loved ones, of giving and sharing try and think of all the ways alcohol ruined Christmas in the past, I know for me there were many. I have suffered lots of heartache over this period before in my life and this can come up for me, so give it a little space and time to mull it over and then let it go.

Stay close to people you love and winners in recovery, focus on family, friends, enjoy giving gifts that you've put time and effort into choosing, watch crap on TV, wear pjs, eat your body weight in chocolate and most of all be happy......and this will be one to remember! literally :)

And lastly, this all does become easier as you find your way in recovery...

Sending all my love, hugs and Christmas wishes

Clare xxx


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