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We survived it.....

Well done..... we in recovery are all miracles. Beautiful people, mad not bad always remember that. This time of year can be hard for so many of us, people who’ve lost loved ones, people alone, people in emotional pain.... but now we can look forward to 2018.

Let’s set ourselves some goals. Don’t think about giving things up, embrace new things, new ideas.

New Years resolutions, god the words make me cringe. We set ourselves unachievable goals. Quit this, quit that! Why not see it as taking on new things?

When I quit the booze people asked me ‘is it hard to give up drinking?’ And yes it is but on the other hand, hangovers, depression, anxiety, morning remorse and shame, weight gain, bad skin, empty wallets not to mention the disappointment of others! these things I’m happy to see the back of!

When thinking about your new challenges ask yourself ‘what do I want my life to look like next Christmas?’ Is it a change in yourself, material things, location, career if the list is long it shouldn’t be attended to all in one go...... keep it simple, easy does it, one day at a time. I love these slogans. Maybe you just want to continue working towards your current goals, maybe your starting new adventures both are equally important.

We all deserve fresh starts and traditionally January the 1st is a great place to start! So I shall for one be embracing the new year to continue working on my career, sobriety, parenting and working towards being the best version of me I can be. Here’s a few tips for new challenges with little changes.

  • Enter a sporting charity event

  • quit a bad habit smoking/sugar/caffeine.

  • Apply for that job you’ve had your eye on.

  • Take up a Hobby you’ve always thought you had no time for.

  • Try and learn something new everyday

  • Reach out to new and old friends.

Most of all be true to yourself, remember too that New Year’s Eve is just one night, no pressure, wake up looking forward to the new year as a fresh start. I know next year will be in equal measures good and bad, tough and easy, but it is all manageable a day at a time.

First thing I shall be doing is detoxing the hell out of myself with the 30 Day Arbonne Detox Challenge. But if you are about to quit drinking or smoking I wouldn’t suggest cutting other stuff out. Be kind to yourself. So, to all my loved ones, readers and friends in recovery I wish you all a happy, healthy, sober 2018 ❤️❤️❤️

Lots of love Clare xx

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