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The sober movement...

We are currently living in a time where being sober and clean is becoming more atttractive and appealing. This is an amazing thing, I became an adult in the nineties when the ladette genre was all the rage. Girls finally wanted to keep up with the boys..... getting just as drunk and taking drugs. All socialising was done in pubs, wine bars, clubs and house parties.... well mine was! I love Instagram and follow some real beauties who are showing a new way to live, healthy and more importantly sober. Look online and you will find an abundance of amazing strong inspiring women who are charging the way to sobriety. Here’s a few I love;







All these girls post Inspiring lifestyle quotes to help and encourage sober, clean recovery and lifestyles. As a mother of an eleven year old girl this fills me with hope that my daughter will choose a healthier social life in her teens and early twenties. But I also know if she is an addict like her mother..... she will drink, I have to remember I am in recovery, I’d love to say my sobriety was a lifestyle choice the truth is I work damn hard to stay away from the booze! If I could have one drink every now and again I would.......this is not how I drink!

So, as much as I love this new movement, for me I have to separate my recovery from the fashion of being sober. For me I have a disease, a deadly one at that. But god I love this new attitude to drinking, it makes me feel less alone, I also think people with drink and drug problems may try to quit earlier in life and if in realising they can’t then they can come to recovery earlier and have a fantastic life. I mean come on what’s more attractive a pissed girl in the gutter or a sober one in control of who she is and where she goes at the end of the evening! I know which one I would love my daughter to be.

As part of my recovery I read books, no rather I devour books on the subject, self care, sobriety, recovery, healthy lifestyle, living in the now, you name it I read it. It’s a massive part of what I do to stay sober and be as good a person as I can be.

Here’s a few I currently have on the go....

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

The unexpected joy of being sober by Catherine Gray

The Inner Fix by Addictive daughter

Self care for the real world by Katia Narain Phillips & Nadia Narain

Recovery by Russell Brand

Reveal by Robbie Williams

I also have The Break by Marian Keyes on the go I love her books so much and we all need light relief, she too is in recovery and one of her books Rachel’s Holdiays is amazing, funny and touching all at the same time. I read it years before I came into recovery and identified even back then also with a beautiful short story she wrote Pissed is a foreign country so thank you Marian ❤️

The sober movement is also spreading out into bars and social nights out here are a few places to check out...they are on my to do list this year (as well as the Peaky Blinders bar ;) which will not be such a sober place :))

Morning Gloryville....Sober, morning raves, featuring sets by acts such as Basement Jaxxand Fatboy Slim, also expect free massages and yoga.

Off the Rocks.....Mocktails and guided mediatations, one of events already successful in NYC and coming to the UK

Redemption.....Bohemian (i.e trendy) alcohol free resturant in West London and Shoreditch

The Brink .......A casual, friendly bar in Liverpool that has 'taken alochol out of the mix'

Maybe if I had had a more moderate approach to drinking I may have not 'crossed the line' into addiction.... I will never know this, but for me just to know life can be as enjoyable and fun sober is a great message to send out.... as a disclaimer I also appreciate that folk without drink problems can enjoy a tipple or two :)

I think one of the main reasons young people are less likely to overdo it is health and looks, alcohol is incredibly ageing, I read somewhere... 'if you don't want to live long, drink lots' it! I would have said stuff it and downed another bottle of pinot! I was a massive fan of Sex in the City...didn't they all look amazing supping cocktails all over New York? It was made to seem so glamarous, but they also managed to stay so gorgeous....then I discover Sarah Jessica Parker barely touches a drop and Kristen Davis has been teetotal since her early twenties...go figure.

I'm currently doing research into alcohol and the affect it has on our skin and body (in large quantities) and will follow with a blog dedicted to the upside of being teetotol for health and beauty.....until then.... if you are doing Dry January, good luck see each day a new one and don't give up if you find yourself slipping and to those in recovery keep up the good work a day at a time, I love you all.

Clare xx

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