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A few of my favourite things...

So, although this is a recovery blog, I’ve realised recently a lot of my musings have been about emotions, recovery and mental health. I thought maybe we could talk about our fave items! Make up, shoes, clothes, beauty products etc.... these things can make us happy in small ways, so in theory help me to stay sober!

First things first my job! love of exercise and music all combined into this fab class, it ticks all the boxes, gives me job satisfaction, keeps me fit, makes me feel confident, releases endorphins which help euphoria and allow me to cope with the stresses of not only recovery but life on life's terms...Tick

Coats! I hate cold weather so the only thing that keeps me looking on the bright side of autumn and winter is a beautiful coat or jacket... parka's, puffa's, macs, leather jackets, blazers you name it I have them.... and want more. Nothing is more exciting than taking a new coat home and knowing its hanging in your wardrobe waiting for its first outing! ...Tick

What girl doesn't love a diamond, these earrings were gifted to me by someone very special, whenever I'm wearing them I feel loved. I know I am so lucky to own beautiful bits and pieces like these and when I wear them (which is always) I feel lucky and grateful.... these would not be mine had I remained a drunken mess ;) the same could be said for all my material belongings....gratitude and beauty... Tick

My Journal....every year I start a new journal, I use it to write my gratitude lists, wishes for the year ahead. I write 5 things I would like to happen this year then I just let it go... if they happen then that's great but as they say 'man plans, god laughs' so that’s ok too.

I also write down lists to help with stress and work loads, plus emotions and feelings, for me writing has been an important part of my recovery, it helps me see things clearer I also like to look back and see if I've moved on and dealt with things. I find if I write about emotions such as anger, jealousy and impatience I can read it back and see how silly I'm most probably being.... its helps....enormously...Tick

Water, I drink it by the gallon, well not literally but I try to drink as much as I can all day, my obsession with water bottles is out of control haha! I keep it on me at all times, as well as having a jug of water and lemon in the fridge for when I'm at home. For me it helps to be drinking liquid....not surprising really! I am completely aware of all the hype that surrounds water intake and to be honest I'm not sure much of it really stands up scientifically. However I love feeling refreshed, hydrated and I swear it does wonders for my skin.

Health benefits of drinking water include the maintenance of pH balance, body temperature, metabolism, breathing, prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, backaches and osteoporosis.

What can I say about this body cream, I absolutely love it, it’s by a company I work for as an independent consultant. I was introduced to Arbonne by a beautiful soul who I knew years ago and reconnected with through our love of yoga and meditation. This rescue and renew gelee is amazing for aching muscles, I use it after every shower and it leaves me smelling divine and it’s feels so luxe! Another plus is it’s a vegan, chemical free company so I know it’s a pot of pure goodness.... treating my skin well.... smelling gorgeous... Tick

Ahhhh I don’t drink booze I see coffee as my indulgent treat and I can hold my hands up and admit... I drink way to much. My Nespresso machine is the most overworked gadget (with the exception of my phone) in the house. I always treat myself to good quality coffee. And meeting friends for a latte is my faves pastime. I’ve tried to quit..... but I never will its my final addiction :).... everything in moderation right?.... Tick

I remember getting my first bottle of Jo Malone scent and thinking I’d really arrived! All her colognes are so beautiful my favourites are pomegranate noir and this one, Lime, Basil and Mandarin. I only wear it out in the evening or for special days out and it makes me feel so happy! The scents are so uplifting. I would say to anyone choose your perfume wisely buy something that makes you feel great. It’s a real treat. And we all deserve things that make us feel special.......Tick

This little book is my go to for inspirational reading it was given to me right at the beginning of my recovery journey, everyday has a beautiful reading either practical or spiritual which keeps me on track for the day. There are so many good affirmation books I’ve tried but I always return to this..... keep it simple......Tick

It’s very rare I find a skincare product I really see results with.... and this one is under a tenner! The Ordinary Buffet peptide serum. After years of partying, smoking, tanning and sleepless nights caused by babies ;) my skin need lots of tlc in its forties. I found this product on Cult Beauty a brilliant website with so many amazing bits my wish list is massive! But I always replace this and use it day and night however lazy I’m feeling! Get some now..... it’s anti ageing and affordable..... Tick

I love my yoga mat, I would love to say I get on it everyday but that would be a big fat lie.....however I know when I do practice yoga and meditation I feel a whole lot better. My natural personality is to be chatty and hectic and this calms me right down. This mat has seen me through 30 hot Birkram cases (killer) which helped me in the beginning of recovery, my kids used it for rolly pollies when they were babies. Even if I just lie on it and think or sleep its doing me also creates a badass body.....boom...Tick

This little beauty is always in my bag! it perks me up in winter and covers a multitude of sins. I don't wear lots of make up but I've learnt that if you get up, put your face on, wear some nice clothes then it can make you feel a whole lot better...its so tempting if I'm feeling overwhelmed or down to mooch about in trackies with unwashed hair a true slummy mummy :)

.... but trust me if you look nice you will feel nice and positive......Tick

Books.....just reading in general, fiction, inspirational, chicklit, crime stories you name it I will read it. I couldn't fall asleep at night without reading it helps me switch off. Books have kept me company on many sleepless night, on beaches, planes and I've learnt so much about staying sober through reading. But a good old trashy novel is also on the go next to my bed.....and is always the best.... helps me switch of...Tick

And last but no means least...CHOCOLATE (include anything with refined white sugar) and NO I don't mean one square of dark chocolate (its so good for you to be in control, whatever) I mean bars and bars of milk choccy, cakes, ice cream, cheesecake, brownies and on and on haha! When you first quit the booze people advise you to appease your sweet tooth, I have yet to stop. It makes me happy, I know too much is bad for you so I will try and have times of withdrawal.....but it just makes me feel so sad :) so just for today my sugar addiction remains my companion. Cures wine cravings.....makes me happy....Tick

Now of course I can't possibly list all my favourite things, spa days, beauty treatments, afternoon tea, the theatre, the cinema, boxsets, all these things make me happy. As well as being with those I love, shopping, hanging with my kids, friends and meeting new people. But if we can find things that we enjoy and make us feel happy or special....then whats not to love.

Love to you all


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