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Taking opportunities

If only we all took opportunities whenever they were presented to us? Imagine how brave and successful we would all be.... but human nature kicks in and we like to protect ourselves against risk, loosing people, material things, feeling pain or just because of our pride. 

So, this gets me to thinking about how I can grab the bull by the horns! Take steps in positive directions to change my life for the better....maybe sometimes we just have to make the change and if it doesn’t work out at least we’ll have no regrets. But keep looking forward in a positive way.... we only have today after all, yesterday is a cancelled cheque (love that little saying). 

Getting sober was an easy challenge to take on, after years of battling with it and trying to control it I was beaten in to a state of desperation..... the desperation was, I believe, a gift. I would have done and will do anything to work at and protect my sobriety. Without it I can’t even contemplate new ventures personnel or work related. So life looks like this;

Sobriety, recovery, AA

My kids


the rest of life haha......

Best way to understand it is like a foundation it ain’t the most exciting or pretty part of the building but without the rest will collapse. I have recently made massive changes in my life and those are coming with there own challenges.... do I regret them, no, not today. Do I wish things were easier, damn right I do. But I wouldn’t swap my life for anyone else’s. 

One of the new ventures I’ve taken on this year is becoming an An Independent Consultant for the beauty and nutrition  company Arbonne, this has amazing opportunities for me to become financially better off (isn’t that what we all want... if we’re honest?!) however it’s something completely new to me, selling, I’m no good at it.... so what... I’ll learn ;) already through this business I’ve met beautiful people, made lovely new friends and have helped friends reach some goals they were aiming for.... so far so good. I looked at what it offered me and how it would fit in with my life and went from there. I recognise that all I can do is work my hardest and have faith. Have a ‘why’ for all challenges... try and see what you want your life to look like, but also accept you can’t always control everything as frustrating as that is, better to try than not though!

I’m also trying to be more open minded to different things, in recovery we talk about expanding our spiritual understanding.... to be honest I’m a bit of a sceptic about such things, I have faith and try to keep that strong but praying, meditating and chanting I’ve pretty much spent my life scoffing at! Is it ego? Pride? Caring what people think of me too much? I’m not sure but do you know what? I want to be a well, open minded, trusting, whole person so I’m giving new stuff a go in this area. I find meditating and practising mindfulness so hard.....what about the ironing? That washing up? The kids need me and so it goes on.... so last year I reconnected with an old partying friend and she invited me to do yoga in a yurt! Ummmm I wasn’t sure.... it was amazing and gave me so much. This year I have been again and am booked up for all her other courses this year. And again this has led to me meeting lots of gorgeous girlies that I have so much in common with who I can now call on for advice on lots of things. 

We can all think of jobs we hated, but did we meet someone we love there? Job interviews that scared the hell out of us? But did we grow in confidence? Moved to a new area and felt lonely and out of place only to be embraced once we accepted the situation. I made the move from London to the New Forest, the only people I knew were my parents! Through grit and determination I made a life for myself here that I love. Jobs I enjoy and friends I can laugh and cry with. 

So this year I shall be taking the bull by the horns and helping others to do the same.


Clare xx

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