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A bit about Arbonne....

For a long time I’ve been using Arbonne particularly the Nutrition products, I have a friend who for many years has been an independent consultant and she introduced me to the company. It’s a Californian based social marketing company.... social marketing you say!! I know, I know I said NO WAY to becoming a consultant myself for 4 years because I am no good at sales! And I hate being a pain in the ass.... but I believed in the products so I jumped in.

With my background in dance and fitness, the nutrition side of Arbonne is so appealing, all their products are plant based, their protein powders comes from natural sources, plus they taste great.... which for me is fantastic because all my work mates have always nagged me to drink protein shakes but I can’t stand the taste of whey! It also gives me spots! So I definitely didn’t get enough protein for my level of exercise which left me tired, lacking in energy and muscle tone. So the shakes were great for me. I also couldn’t live without the Fizz Sticks.

So I was using all these products for 2 years before I become a consultant. I’d never really had any confidence to pursue this type of business.... but I did see that as a business in a box, made up of products I would use anyway was a win win situation. Since I’ve signed up I’ve helped 10 beautiful girls do their famous 30 day challenge which is basically a resetting of your bodies detoxifying organs. I’m not lying when I tell you these girls lost kgs, inches, felt better overall and most of all have continued to change the way they eat and exercise!

Arbonne has an amazing array of products, they are a 37 year old family run business who from day dot have been vegan, cruelty free and avoid many many bad chemicals. They use the best of botanical products mixed with science.... because in all honesty beauty products do need science or we would all be rubbing strawberries on our faces! But we don’t, we like bathrooms full off creams, serums, toners, shampoos etc etc..... but they do avoid mineral oil which is so ageing and carcanegenic thus leaving them out has meant their products are truly clean, now the vegan and clean movement is booming.... hashtag it on social media! It’s mental! So for me I’m getting in while the trend is growing.

For me this is a whole new venture and some days I feel very motivated and other days I wonder what I’m doing..... but I have met some gorgeous people through the business and in many ways it’s very like recovery in that you have a sponsor/upline, Arbonne consultants are an amazing bunch and will help you whenever you need, again like AA! People to reach out to, who’ve walked the path before you. Lots of my fellow consultants were dancers too and in fitness so we have lots in common!

I’ve had the flu this week and have been feeling low, I couldn’t think of a blog for this week so I’ve knocked this one up from my sick bed.... it’s not to sell you Arbonne it’s a message to say follow your dreams, grab little things that come your way, maybe for money or happiness or just to try something new! Since joining Arbonne I’ve researched a whole lot more about nutrition which has really sat well alongside my fitness, learnt more about skin which is great... as let’s be honest.... at 43 anti ageing is gonna be a think I’m into as are my mates. And most of all make up! It’s become a new obsession haha!

I’m not a vegan, but through Arbonne I’ve taken a massive interest in where my products and food come from, for me and my kids. I’ve made small changes in food cupboard, which does have an effect on the whole family.

Arbonne is an effort based business... like all careers there’s no such thing as a get rich quick! Or we would all be doing it! For me I have to push myself out of my comfort zone to make any of it happen..... it was like this at the beginning of my fitness career I was terrified but now it’s like second nature so it was time to push myself again.

So far I’m loving my new challenge and who doesn’t want to reach new goals and give our egos a little boost!

Lots of love to all my readers

Keep recovering and trying to beat all your fears, addictions and pushing your limits.


Clare xx

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