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Why Summer Rocks!

So, as I sit and write this we have just had the hottest May Bank Holiday Weekend in 40 years (weather folk say, must be true), I was thinking about the 10 best things about summer. Of course its due to rain later today but that's ok because us Brits can now feel we've been treated to a bit of no one can sit in it today as we all went mad and got burnt over the weekend! Add to that the fact that most of us will have overindulged and be sat in an office right now feeling like crap! So three days in plenty :)

Here's my top ten reasons for loving summertime!

  1. The sunshine makes (in my humble opinion) people happier, out for a bike ride on Saturday people were smiling and saying hello, good afternoon and other such pleasantries, this does not happen when its pissing down with rain...on the way to work or Tesco...Fact!

  2. The sun gives us Vitamin D which is good for our health, I know people are sun block mad these days but when it first comes you need to get in it! Get the factor 50 on if you need it but be out and about in it to get the benefits and the endorphins it helps release. Plus we all look better with a bit of a tan....lets me honest? Another heathy gain is I seem to crave healthier food in the summer, salads, fruit that sort of stuff...versus lard and sugar!!

  3. Less screen time....for me and especially the kids, this weekend my kids have been cycling, running, swimming in the sea, playing in the garden.... all this instead of the ipad/Xbox equals more activity equals better parenting equals less guilt about being a bad parent haha! Winning

  4. Flip flops... need I say more. No more socks getting lost in the wash, no more heavy, expensive boots, you can purchase at least 5 pairs of summer sandals for the price of one pair of winter boots!

  5. Not having to wear shed loads of clothes, I bloody love summer outfits, little tops, flip flops, skirts and my trusty Levi cut off shorts of which I have 5 pairs! They are cheap, never go out of fashion, don't need ironing, rarely need washing and go with just about every bloody thing yay..... see pic for a pair I made earlier!

  6. Ditto summer tops, vests, camis, tshirts with slogans, pretty little dresses, skirts with glitter on them (because why wouldn't you) and no more fighting with the kids to put their coats etc on........bliss

  7. The long evenings mean you have time to have a life after school or work.... go for walks, bike rides, go and sit in pub gardens. Rather than hunkering down on the sofa with a blanket because you're so bloody cold, you can chill in the garden, or at least near an open window ;) read a book (or the daily mail column of shame) and catch some evening rays.

  8. Its easier to get out the house, it just is, I mean I know we don't have intense winters but its not very motivating when its grey, drizzly and cold, who want sot get on the bike, go for a walk or even bother seeing mates... I always look at folk with dogs in the winter and think 'you poor gits you've got to go out rain or shine', in the summer I'm like 'oh look wouldn't a dog be wonderful to take for a run along the sea wall' haha.

  9. Make Up - You need less, even some would go as far as to say none at all. I personally go for tinted moisteriser with spf 30 (buggered up my skin in the 90's with baby oil. Error !) Bronzer (faves being Arbonne's Blush and NARS they both come with little mirrors for out and about) and mascara, so I look like I've had a good nights sleep....and you can let your sunkissed tan do the rest for you.

  10. Last of all but not least, just feeling the sun on my skin makes me feel good, even if I'm inside I can feel lifted, waking in the morning is easier, the day feels more hopeful, likes its offering you loads of fun things....even if you are just off to work. It can make a Monday feel like a Friday and that just makes me happy.

Now, as this is a blog related to recovery, I thought I'd discuss it briefly. I drank come rain or shine, hell or high water. Lots of people ask me how do you cope with summer days and everybody out drinking in the sunshine, but here's what I've learnt when I got sober, not EVERYONE is out getting smashed in the sun.... some people are on the beach paddle boarding, sailing, doing sports, playing games etc etc, some people are in the pub yes, but they are slowly sipping a glass of vino or pint of lager, and of course its appealing seeing those drinks with the condensation running down the glass.....but for me, it would not have ended there and condensation can also run down as glass of Tonic (Fever Tree obvs). I never have done the things I do in the summer then, I would spend all bank holiday weekends in the pub with mates getting pissed.

Drinking for me is away to escape emotions, not to be convivial, so if I'm in a good place mentally and emotionally I can sit in pub gardens and drink coke, if I'm not then I shouldn't be drinking anyway...... because no answer, for this girl, is in the bottom of a mojito!

So, what will I be doing this summer, hanging with my family, kids, friends. I started paddle boarding last year, I'm shit so I will be working on that ;) Both kids have shiny new bikes so lots of bike rides on the menu.....and I shall be grateful for where we live and what I have today......and most of all make the bloody most of it...because it won't be here forever...or even for very long!!

Love and light


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