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There's enough for us all.....

Two things I've been thinking about and trying to work on recently and I guess kind of had a realisation on....You don’t have to be the best best........

fill in the blanks... and there is an abundance of everything to go round, this includes happiness, love, money, success, friendship, dreams, wellness, how often do we see others getting things we want and thinking 'why not me'? well guess what the world is limitless, possibilities are limitless, success is limitless as is happiness and the best way to get it is to be grateful and happy of and for others.

If you haven’t yet read this amazing bestseller by Rachel Hollis, why the hell not? I stumbled across it whilst looking for motivational stories but its since become a New York Times bestseller. I can’t tell you how good it is for us girls! If you haven't read it, buy it, download it, borrow it from a friend.... its everything I want this blog to be....she's 'literally' as my daughter would say my number 1 girl crush today! but she is ACTUALLY my number 1 girl crush.

Rachel Hollis built a multi million dollar social and communications company from scratch, she is also a mum of 4 and has been through some tough shit in her life. I love a survivor. I've followed her for along time on Instagram, she's an influencer and motivational speaker and although, as a Brit sometimes I find that all a bit overwhelming she does kick ass! This book blew my mind and now I'm all over her podcasts.

I've made some changes to my daily routine recently. I noticed my recovery was getting sloppy, I could see this in my thinking and my behaviour , we have a saying in recovery its an inside job, and its so true, I was loosing gratitude, getting snappy with loved ones, judging others and the absolute worst thing for me was comparing.....comparing myself to other girls, this drives me absolutely insane...this can be my head

They are better looking than me

They are happier than me

They are better parents than me

They are more talented than me

They have achieved more than me........ and on and on and on

Note the common denominator in these thoughts? 'ME'

I want to change the narrative in my head to I can, I will, nothings stopping me, I am enough, and also accepting that I have to ask myself the following questions,

Am I willing to do the things that will get me where I want to be?

How hard am I prepared to work Isn't what I have enough and if not HOW can I change that?

How much do I care about my quality of sobriety?

I also want to be happy for my girl squad, happy when someone does well at work, happy when someone has a nice new house, relationship, high achieving child! new job, seems more together than me :) But like so many of us jealousy can so easily come into play. The greatest thing about recovery is watching broken people put themselves back together I am so blessed to be able to help other girls and see them grow, I don't know anywhere else where, girls particularly' support each other with no other agenda, we can be a tough bunch! So I'm working on my gratitude as well as setting myself some new goals to achieve, once I get back in that grateful place I can see and feel that there is enough for happiness and peace of mind for everyone, that life isn't a competition to get to the finish line, its a journey that's constantly evolving and putting obstacles in your way..... learn from them, use them to help yourself and more importantly help others. Its so much easier to feel like this.

First change is...TV, I'm quitting for a year, every evening is dedicated to listening to super inspiring podcasts (get on them they will change your life, Love Island will not! They have fab asses because a)they are 2and b) they go to the gym everyday so, you can also go to the gym!) reading books on how to build my business, how to be the best version (not a new one) of myself, how to harness my story and use it for the good particularly with regards to my recovery...alcoholism.

Second Digital Detox noooooooooooooo I hear you scream, this isn't as harsh as it sounds, but I found the first thing I was doing as soon as I opened my eyes was checking my god damn phone, and I don't know about you but sometimes that thing can be an enemy, who has messaged, who hasn't, emails about work, group messages about stuff you're not even involved in! Social Media! whose doing what? OMG they are living My dreams hahaha and so it goes now, I switch it of before I go to sleep...then when I wake up I can get on with my morning routine that I need to keep me sane! Mine includes, readings, speaking to my higher power and meditation, then trying to converse and get grunted at by my kids..... well, if they answer me! But if you haven't got a morning routine I highly suggest reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, its got it all in there.

Thirdly, and this is just a recovery thing, more meetings, more service, more sharing, I mean who really wants to go to a meeting on a Saturday night when everyone is out getting pissed?! Not me and certainly not my disease which would love to see me rolling round full of vodka ;) But guess what every time I do I come out feeling a whole lot better for it. Last weekend I went with a group of girlys, had dinner, shared at a packed meeting, met some more gorgeous girls and hopefully helped, even if one person in that room of 50 or so people got something from my experience then job done!

I guess what I'm saying is do what feels good and right, even if it feels hard, or you can't be arsed, don't compare yourself to others, every single person on this planet is unique and has shed loads of stuff to offer, use other peoples experiences and success's to learn from, read inspiring books, listen to Audible, Podcasts, have coffee with a friend who loves you and has your best intentions, stick with the winners and you will be one too....... in whatever way that looks likes for you? Not what other people think it should look like.....what do you want? what makes you happy?

Disclaimer, I am still watching the following

The Handmaids Tale.....Elizabeth Moss is too amazing to miss, did you see the Birth Scene! I think she is one of the best actresses I have seen in my life...Fact!

Friends.........I can't let go, my heart belongs to them

Films......Mamma Mia 2...not to be missed haha

Sending shed loads of love & light


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