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Stick with the winners....

Surround yourself with people who inspire you! We have a saying in recovery, ‘stick with the winners’ it’s so important and so true. By winners I mean people with a positive outlook, people you know who encourage your dreams, support you and are good examples. Also people who are enjoying life. God life is hard enough at the best of times without hanging with the haters! ;)

So often we can be brought down by folk who are negative, and to be honest I have enough negative chat going on in my head without other people’s, don't get me wrong if a friend, family member, sponsee whatever needs a ear to whinge into I'm your gal, I'm a massive fan of tipping it all out, letting go of the negative. But no one needs to be surrounded by negativity, doubters. BY that I mean people who doubt YOU, and your dreams.

My favourite day? when you laugh, I mean really laugh like kids do and chat and you can be yourself, those are the friends you need...those are your winners....they will be different from someone else's, that's life we all need different things.

I saw a Jay Shetty video, saying if you want to be a millionaire hang with the millionaires, if you want to be a billionaire hang with the billionaires and if you want to be a spiritual, kind, loving and forgiving human being then hang with a monk! Its the same in recovery, we are all in it together, you don't need to like everyone just share a common goal and come out fighting together. The nuts and bolts of my life haven't changed since I got sober, but the people I choose to spend time with has, I've always had amazing friends all my life, and those people I still love, I still laugh, play, cry and hang with them however if I meet negative folk now I try not to get in the ring with it. The hardest part of this can be if they are in your family! But remember the saying 'be kind we are all going through something'

I know social media gets a rough ride, but a lot of my motivation comes from Instagram, following other girls like me, Podcasts..... Anna David - Light Hustler they are fab (get on them asap), audio books, speakers on You Tube, Blogs like this one! Who doesn't want to hear success stories not just about sobriety but all sorts of things, just don't listen to the negative crap! Its simple turn it off, turn it over, click delete! ;)

So, here's the deal, what are you watching on TV? listening to on the radio? I know we can't live closed of to the world but most of it is so depressing and feeds our anxieties and beliefs that the world is a frightening place.... and yes sometimes it is...but mainly its not! ;) Watch happy stuff, listen to uplifting music, read motivating and cheerful stuff....chic lit! Don't let other people bring you down, sure listen and advise but remember we all have our own stuff to deal with. So be there for each other but don't let people steal your 'light' sorry that,s cheesy but true!

So on that note here's some podcaster's I'm currently listening to..... some of them are so inspiring and kick ass..... when I'm not listening to them my playlist is Mamma Mia 2! Haha....... non stop positivity in the AddictedGal household.

Anna David - Light Hustler

Anna interviews shed loads of famous folk who are sober and clean, with a very cool and honest interview style its really easy listening.

Mrs Rachel Hollis - Rise

As you know I'm obsessed with this girl and everything she does.

Jenna Kutcher - Goaldigger

Amazing interviews aimed at women who want to grow their own business's particularly online. Jenna is super popular on Insta and has gorgeous content to follow too.

Jen Gotch is ok...........Sometimes

Funny and honest musings on mental health. Being ok and not being ok! Love her!

Jessica Honegger - Going Scared

Owner of MLM accessories company Noonday..... very inspiring. How and why she built her business.

Awesome with Alison

This girl is young! I was introduced to her by someone I know who is sooooo young she could be my child haha! but because of fellowship we are besties and love each other.

Lori Harder - Earn Your Happy

Another young girl, helping you with real with your fears and anxieties.

Have a hunt and find your own, I've found amazing info on podcasts for the kids too.

Sending love as always


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