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Healthy Gut, Healthy Overall.....

Heard the saying 'Gut Feeling'? people have known for years that how we are overall is effecting by what we put inside our guts!

How many times do you start health regimes, things that make you feel good? Only to start reaping the benefits and go back to your old ways? It’s funny isn’t it? Unless we are very disciplined (and I’ve not met many) we can all have a bit of self sabotage in us! Nutrition and exercise are intrinsically linked to our mental health, there is so much evidence available to us yet I’m as guilty as the next person of choosing to ignore it in favour of being lazy and reaching for easy options, I’ve just finished reading How not to Die by Michael Greger the information this guy provides on what we eat and how it impacts our health is mind blowing! And in today’s world of health and wellness info out there we have no excuse. Here’s just a few supplements I take to help with energy levels and to help me maintain a level of sanity ;) Magnesium - I have this in the form of vitamin supplements, Epsom salts or spray.... magnesium is proven to be low in people who suffer from depression, but it’s also vital for mood regulation, sleep patterns and helps with sore and twitchy muscles after exercise. I have a big bath with 2 big scoops of Epsom salts with added detox oils (my fave is Arbonne detox and renew oil) soak for 30 mins or more and keep adding hot water. I spray my muscles after exercise and take 1000mgs a day. This is a high does but works for me. Vitamin D - Feel better in the sunshine? Of course we do, it’s the vitamin D as well as the brighter days, vitamin D is essential for brain health again regulating moods and aiding concentration. I also have this in a spray..... obvs we get it from sunlight so living in the uk I take it all year round Probiotics - We all know the saying Gut feeling well it’s true, our whole wellness stems from our gut and what we put in it... so many good ones on the market. Again a balanced diet will keep your gut healthy but with all the toxins, sugars, caffeine etc etc we enjoy it’s not always possible so, particularly if you’re on holiday try and take something like Arbonne’s Digestion plus or Keep Yakult in the fridge! Take them in the morning on an empty stomach..... happy gut happy life. Here’s the deal, if we eat a colourful and varied diet filled with fresh, raw, in season foods our bodies and minds will flourish add to this an abundance of water, herbal teas and fresh juices and we'll be smashing it out the park.... but realistically we like to treat and reward ourselves with junk! Caffeine, sugar, beige foods.... we think these make us feel better but if you’re honest with yourself how many times have you eaten a massive pizza only to feel bloated and lethargic afterwards? Filled yourself with caffeine only to rattle for hours afterwards and crash later on feeling shaky, low and light headed? What about sugar?... feels so good at the time but I know from experience that long term it just makes me feel low, gives me stomach issues, bloating and crap skin!

So, September is nearly upon us and with that comes the start of a new season, kids back at school and an all round sense of routine back in my life..... HOWEVER don't put of what can be done today. I am just back from holiday, an all inclusive for my sins! and although I indulged (puddings mostly) I stuck to a few of my rules so coming home and back to normality didn't seem so depressing and overwhelming....

  • Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day

  • Eat a portion of vegetables, salad with each meal

  • Stick to no more than 3 cups of coffee a day

  • Eat 5 pieces of fruit (this is easy in hot countries where it is freely available ... no excuses)

Now I'm home I'm getting back to 80/20 where I try to eat fresh, healthy and nutrient dense foods in the week with crap thrown in at the weekend haha!

Current obsessions is smoothie bowls (see pic) these are so easy to make, taste cracking and give you everything you need for the day. Fave book is Buddha Bowl Recipes by Lucy Kalkbrenner but you can find them online, youtube and Insta.... mine don't always looks like the pics though!!

Sending love and Light

Clare xxx

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