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Mental illness, it’s a killer....I know I’m lucky I don’t suffer like so many others, but it can really be a pain in the ass, sometimes I go through weeks of anxiety and it can appear to have come from no where... of course over the years I’ve discovered triggers, stress being the main course

Stress - related disorders have become increasingly common in Western Society, and the wear and tear caused by chronic stress can contribute to physical and mental breakdown. Some disorders such as hypertension, have reached almost epidemic proportions. Because of these increases, stress and ways of dealing with it, are a major target of medical and psychological ingestion of allergenic foods is highly stressful. Most people are considered intolerant to something, the detrimental effects of tea, coffee and alcohol. In addition to being nutritionally valueless, these beverages create a direct physical stress on the internal organs responsible for detoxifying them (mainly the liver) and further unbalance our emotional state because they are stimulating drugs

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Clare Matty
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