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I’ve always been a sucker for a good song, I remember my first 'single' Part time Lover Stevie Wonder, first Tape, Like a Virgin, my Grandma bought me that bless her! my first serious boyfriend was a musician and he introduced me to all sorts of brilliant artists, we lived in Brighton, where he gigged in little bars, Jazz bars and I heard loads of great music. Before that, coming of age in the 90’s I was Brit pop obsessed, to say I listened to The Stone Roses self titled album a million times would not be an exaggeration!! The back drop to amazing summers listening to Pulp, Oasis etc.... then came the clubbing years, dance music turned to cool US Garage, long nights with boys (future husbands), friends (for life) and decks. Music makes me feel good, if I feel stressed it relaxes me, if i'm going through stuff I find it hard to hear music that brings up feelings and memories, so I thought I’d list some songs for me, essential for lifting my mood, adding energy to the house, relaxing to in the evening, long journeys and calming me down..... disclaimer none of them can be used in spin or Zumba classes! THANK GOD

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own

You would think my obvious choice would be Rehab, but my all time favourite is Tears dry on their own, I love this girls voice she will always be a massive loss to the world, this song is emotional but yet remains upbeat, and I love the way it feels like the end is coming from half way through.

The Eagles - Take It To The Limit

Take it to the limit, again not Hotel California but I love this song, so melancholy but so relaxing at the same time, its also an amazing waltz for those in the know, so swaying is obligatory, listening to dance music for work its nice to listen to blues and country when pottering at home.

Beyoncé - Drunk In Love

Too many to choose from the queen of the world, and although I love to dance round the house to 'single ladies' and 'Love on top', this song with JZ, plus the highly erotic video is a winner for me.

New Radicals - You Get What You Give

This song transports me straight back to the most amazing time I had in Brighton, one summer it was the only album I listened too! It was a tragedy that he never wrote another album.

Kanye West - Touch The Sky

I know recently he's lost the plot quite spectacularly, however The College Years was an amazing album, I still love doing housework to Eminem and Kanye now, but this will always be my fave track, love the Curtis Mayhew sample.

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

This album was another one, my friends and I had just passed our driving tests and we all had over played tape copies of this! Classic.... so uplifting

Indigo Girls - Galileo

My boyfriends older sister, who I had a major girl crush on, loved these girls so I got into them obvs.... but this song brings back so many memories, also check out their amazing cover of Romeo & Juliet. We used to sit in my friends bedroom listening to these girls. Its lovely soulful music.

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses

I listened to this and Billy Joel's 'Always a Woman to me' when I had my first serious heartbreak, they are both such beautiful songs, heart wrenching which as a twenty something youngster was just what I needed!

John Lennon - Woman

This used to be on in the car when we drove to France as kids, I still love it today I love the simplicity of it, a perfectly crafted love song, I guess saying sorry to Yoko Ono for being a major dick !! haha

Of course there are far too many songs to mention, and my spotify playlist will always reflect where I am at that time, happy, sad, stressed, motivated, focused, tired....I've lived through the nursery rhymes in the car years which was painful but I wouldn't have changed it for the world, now I'm subjected to Mainstream radio on the school run, but I'm ok with that....some of it I actually really like, and they are great inspo for running.

Some people have TV on in the house during the day I find that odd! (unless I'm ironing then its Netflix all the way!) I always have at least a radio station on in the background for company, I'm currently loving Kendrick Lamar who appears to be able to do nothing wrong, loving the indie band Humans and Tom Odell but if I'm feeling nostalgic on go Fleetwood Mac....or maybe Deacon Blue..... oh and to lift myself before classes I prance around like a loon to Queen Bey. I was recently at a convention where Rachel Hollis suggested counting to 5 and no matter how you feel blasting out a massive track and dancing like no ones watching, try it it rocks!

Lots of musicians have expressed their battles with addiction and ensuing recovery in their songs, here's a few

Sia - Chandelier

The Eagles - Hotel California

Robbie Williams - Me and my monkey (I love the live at knebworth version)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Starting over

Breaking the habit - Linkin park

If you're struggling in recovery you'll know how lonely it can feel, so look out for these tracks ....proof it can be done...put behind you...

I've not yet mentioned my fave dude of all time .... The Wonder that is Stevie and that's because I couldn't possibly choose one of his songs, he doesn't have a bad one. Songs in the Key of Life is all you need when stranded on a deserted Island.

Sending love as always


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