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Updated: Jun 30

Firstly, I would like to start by saying a massive HELLO! its been a long time, the reason I've not posted for so long is due to (honesty coming) my disease, of alcoholism of depression and of anxiety. Since October I've been in a massive hole of depression that has left me feeling as though things were spiralling out of control, this has been partly due to massive changes happening in my life (watch this space) but mainly because whether I like it not these are conditions I suffer from, not all the time by any means, but its just how my mind and body react to emotional pain and stress. I'm happy to say my mental and addiction recovery is back on track (this has not been easy) and to those of you out there who can relate to all this, please reach out either to me or someone you love and trust, it seems everyday the news is filled with more suicide and addiction stories..... lets recover out loud so people don't feel alone......anyway, this leads me on nicely to whats been getting me through, as well as meetings, talking with girlfriends and seeing a therapist I'm so grateful for the massive recovery community out there on social media.

I follow an a abundance of amazing, inspiring (and much cooler than me) guys and gals on Instagram and I've been listening to hundreds of podcasts, part of growing through these times is personnel development, it feels like the last thing you want to do, but understanding yourself, where these painful feelings come from and more importantly learning from any mistakes you may have made our all part of healthy minds and recovery. When I'm in the height of my anxiety sitting and reading is just too uncomfortable which breaks my heart because I love a good book, but thanks to audio books and podcasts I can listen while I work, run, drive, iron, clean etc etc..

Here's a few of my faves, its by no means an exhaustive list and there are many to choose from, I love the ones with recovery interviews, but also funny ones, ones to help me grow my business and boost my self esteem.... so my advice, get searching and find your thing.

Don't Freak Out with Allison Micco

Allison interviews people on issues around anxiety, stress and worry.... her interview with Holly Whitaker of Hip Sobriety discussing how drinking alcohol is like pouring gasoline on anxiety... which is 100 % my story blew me away. She also talks to doctors and other celebs.

A Sober Girls Guide

Jessica Jeboult is a health and wellness life coach with a massive following on Insta, her podcasts are fun and relaxed but people share there real, raw addiction stories, perfect for identification if you are thinking about your drinking being a problem or if you can't get to a meeting. So many inspiring women, look out for a great episode with Jessica Langdon who is my all time super heroine in recovery.

Recovery Rockstars Uncut

Brilliant poscast by Kevin Z, he interviews celebs and sober brand companies and its very much in the style of a share (for those who go to meetings) interviewees share their experiences with addiction and how they got and continue to stay clean and sober. I could listen to this guy all day long. Check out episodes 29 with Jason Wahler and 6 with Sober Sarah of Survivedtothrive

Under the Skin with Russell Brand.

I realise this guy is marmite to most people, but I love listening to him talk about mental health issues and spirituality. Russell interviews a range of people for this podcast from Tony Robbins, the powerhouse life coach to the gorgeous Happy Pear twins (if you don't follow these guys on insta get on it!)

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

I love both Fearne Cottons books and everything about her, she has always been open and honest with her struggles with anxiety and depression, we tend to think if the media presents someone with the perfect life then it must be true...this we know is bull most of the time we all have our ups and downs. This podcast looks into human beings with all there good and bad bits, as expected Fearne is in the industry and works for the BBC so its a very professional show. Loved the episode with Davina another of my sober heroines.

Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis

Rachel is a motivational speaker and CEO of her own company, I've seen her live and you can't help but be motivated by her energy. All the episodes surround growing your self esteem, motivation, business. She gives amazing training on how to grow your social media following as well as interviewing other CEO's and motivational speakers. She also has a podcast with her husband which is like marriage guidance minus the price tag...go check her out.

Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is a photographer turned social media expert, she runs courses on how to grow social media interest and email lists on various platforms, how to get your brand or image noticed. She is so down to earth and humble and her podcasts feature lots of amazing business builders. Jenna's was the first podcast I listened to all in one day! Don't miss out.

Sober Cast by

This is an AA meeting in a podcast, ideal for the sober curious, those afraid to face their demons and make the trip to the first meeting (although I would never suggest doing this instead of the real deal, always alongside) these podcasts are amazing if I can't get to my meetings...sick kids, work, husband out of town. Simple experience, strength and Hope for people working the 12 steps.

Not Overthinking with Ali &Taimur Abdaal

This weekly podcast is about happiness, creativity and the human condition...weekly they interview people about mentors, lifestyles and social interaction.... quite high brow for me and new but I'm really loving them.

There is a podcast for everyone being that they are literally thousands of them, a bit like Netflix, books or music you can chop and change throughout the day depending on your mood. I listen whilst at the gym I find it makes the time go quicker! Perfect in the car on long journeys they've also made me walk more, considering my job I can be damn lazy when it comes to getting in the car!

I think in this age where we can feel isolated, these platforms are a good way to keep informed and hear other stories. I would love AddictedGal to have one some day! But that's my ego running away with itself haha.....

I realise I've only scratched the surface but go find what you love and happy listening.

Love as always


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